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    Deploy service by Helm in Kubernets 

    As we know, if you want to deploy a service, you need at first write several yaml files like deployment/service/ingress file and so on.

    Then execute several times kubectl create -f <Yaml File> when you create service, also you need delete several times when you destroy service, It’s a little boring…

    Although you could write all the configurations in just one yaml file, but it’s hard to maintain. For example you can’t define variable which used in many pods, you can’t upgrade or rollback deployment easily..

    By using Helm you will find it’s very easy to solve these problems, just execute one command like helm install <Chart>, then helm will deploy all the pods at meanwhile, you could check deployment’s status by helm list, upgrade service by helm upgrade and so on.

    There’s lots of stable charts in Helm repository, you could also define chart yourself if it doesn’t meet your requirement.

    Here is chart’s structure from Helm official website:

      Chart.yaml          # A YAML file containing information about the chart
      LICENSE             # OPTIONAL: A plain text file containing the license for the chart
      README.md           # OPTIONAL: A human-readable README file
      requirements.yaml   # OPTIONAL: A YAML file listing dependencies for the chart
      values.yaml         # The default configuration values for this chart
      charts/             # A directory containing any charts upon which this chart depends.
      templates/          # A directory of templates that, when combined with values,
                          # will generate valid Kubernetes manifest files.
      templates/NOTES.txt # OPTIONAL: A plain text file containing short usage notes
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    Build kubernetes cluster 

    As you know kubernetes is the most popular container orchestration tool which helps us deploy/manage/scale container and service more easily.

    We deploy kubernetes cluster by kuberspray which could help us build production ready cluster very fast and provide many convenient tools. Before start deploying you must configure SSH key between nodes.

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    JHipster, good scaffolding tool! https://www.jhipster.tech/

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    [Gatling] API test report 

    Recent I did performance test on user API, I simulated sending 246K requests during 300 seconds.

    1.Test Report

    ---- Global Information --------------------------------------------------------
    > request count                                     246000 (OK=246000 KO=0     )
    > min response time                                     16 (OK=16     KO=-     )
    > max response time                                   5891 (OK=5891   KO=-     )
    > mean response time                                    86 (OK=86     KO=-     )
    > std deviation                                        345 (OK=345    KO=-     )
    > response time 50th percentile                         30 (OK=30     KO=-     )
    > response time 75th percentile                         40 (OK=40     KO=-     )
    > response time 95th percentile                         88 (OK=88     KO=-     )
    > response time 99th percentile                       1940 (OK=1940   KO=-     )
    > mean requests/sec                                817.276 (OK=817.276 KO=-     )
    ---- Response Time Distribution ------------------------------------------------
    > t < 800 ms                                        240565 ( 98%)
    > 800 ms < t < 1200 ms                                1110 (  0%)
    > t > 1200 ms                                         4325 (  2%)
    > failed                                                 0 (  0%)

    2.Server Status

    I did the test on server which the network latency is quite low, if I did the test from external environment, I think the QPS will decrease several times.

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